tris' birthday

one of our good friend's tristan had his birthday a few days before mine but everyone ended up at ours and here are some photos i stole from facebook accounts to commemorate the evening:
(l to r, luci, cossey, youth section)
 will. my lubbly boyfriend, tris bday boy, youth section
 cossey, luci, me, a bit of will's face!
james, marie, ben doing a magnum, cossey
 jim and tris


my awesomeness of awesomest birthday party

it was my 20th birthday on november 25th and i decided to throw an awesome party. i rented out this 'cocktail lounge' in a pub down the road from me and got 3 bands that i'm friends with to play. the line-up included:
beast with a gun: yarmouth rockabilly
mustard city rockers: norwich skiffle punk
faintest idea: hometown ska punk
bad man moriarty: jungle,dubstep,bit of everything awesome dj
it was the most awesome party i've ever had. it was packed out (the room was 100 capacity so people were cramming in!!!), there was human pyramids, a mosh pit, people dancing/singing on the bar, a skanking circle, a quadruple shoulder carry, lots of singing along and singing happy birthday, and at one point my brother got me on his shoulders and started spinning me around while the crowd chanted 'coral! coral! coral!'. it was so amazing!!! i had such a wicked party/birthday.
i stupidly didn't bring a camera but stole photos from people's facebook so here they are:

pete and lucy from mustard singing their punk lovesong on the bar!

mustard city rockers (l to r, will my boyfriend, jim, dempsey)
pete and lucy serenading youth section (their biggest fan, the one with the hair!)

the quadruple shoulder carry going up...
... and coming down!
faintest idea (l to r dani and sam)
 haha and my mate lucy! dunno what she's doing but its a funny photo with one of my bosses in the backround! 

must scour facebook for more photos. i'm so gutted i didn't remember a camera but organising a gig well stressed me out and i wanted to make it go well, and it did, but a camera was regretably last on my 'to do list'. but still a freakin awesome parrrtaaaay! :)

random day out on a boat picture from about a year ago

(sorry for picture quality)
My nan just emailed this to me quite randomly. We all went out on the broads for my mum's birthday last year and this was taken in  a pub we stopped in along the way. It was a lovely day and we all (except my brother and his mate) drank a bit too much champagne. I like this photo because its one of the most recent pics before I dreaded my hair. I look weeeeeird...
Back row left to right: My nan and my mum. Front row left to right: Solly's mate, Solly. Me, Will.
Good times.

rural activities vs. pirates fancy dress follow up (finally!)

I haven't got all of the pictures because most were on my boyfriend's phone which got cut off the other day... boo... but here's some anyway that I found on random people's facebooks.
That's me and my boyfriend on the far left. We went as 'Inbreds'! So we were pretend brother and sister for the night.
Its really annoying that I can't get the other pics that we took because I inked up my arm with fake tattoos. On my left arm was a heart with a dagger through it with three ribbons saying 'Billy Bob', 'Billy' and 'Bob' and on my right arm was a John Deere logo. I also put 'LUV UR OWN' across Wiil's (my boyfriend's) knuckles!
You can sort of see his fake snout, due to 'inbreeding' apparantly, in this photo.

Random picture of the back of random dancing.

Also, just for fun and because they played that night, Mustard City Rockers, my boyfriend's band:  checka check this out :)

Recovery at last!

 I really don't know what has been wrong with me but for the last few days I've been unable to do anything more than loll about the house. It's been really awful but it was really nice to have people show concern for me. My boyfriend took care of me and made me lovely food and drinks and kittyx_x (mwah!) sent me her wishes. I am really beginning to love livejournal and the communities on it. I've made friends it would have been otherwise impossible to make. I'm really glad I found this place.
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Long time no post!

I really am trying to keep up with my journal but I've been really ill recently. I figured if I'm not going to leave the house I can at least attempt an entry!
Since I've not been interacting much with the outside world, this entry may sound rather reclusive...
I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that everything was going backwards. I dreamt that slowly my hair was undreading, then getting shorter. The house we live in was slowly depleting in furniture and things. Relationships were even going backwards. When I went to go to bed, my boyfriend's ex was in my place. I looked in the mirror and saw a young version of myself, around the age I would've been when they were together. It was so weird. I think it reflects how I'm feeling at the minute. I'm not get much done at all these days because I'm feeling so exhausted. I'd probably get more done going backwards... or something.

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